Login from a PC - add energy group

This guide only applies to users in Ipark and NovaTech.

Your computer is now joined to the Add Energy domain. That means that you will log on to your computer with your domain account, which is your old username. The domain is addenergygroup and should already be selected.

When you start your computer, you might be required to press the keyboard combination CTRL + ALT + DELETE before entering your credentials:

The main difference from earlier is that all the software you will be using is installed on your local PC, and the old terminal server solution will no longer be used (http://start.cegal.com). You will find shortcuts to the software and internet resources on your desktop and / or start menu.

Desktop icons
example of shortcut icons on desktop and start menu

Note: For all the web based applications shown above, you need to use your old password as before.

There will also be mapped network drives for your own documents (home folder) as well as other shared folders. You will find these drives under My Computer.

Note: First time you log on to Aims you may get a prompt to which you must answer Yes/Accept.